Sonada [ What This Is ]

Sonada is a free, open source news, discussion and weblogging ('blogging') application for web developers. It is written in Perl, and uses a MySQL backend for efficient data storage. Unlike many similar tools, it allows clever usage of SSI and script-created pages to reduce the load on your webserver to a minimum.

Features [ A Brief Overview ]

Sonada is currently in the early development stage. At the moment there is a news script, with discussion forums and user profiles on the way soon. In the future we will also add polls, surveys, a moderation system and so on -- if you have an idea, please feel free to contact us.

Sonada generates fully customisable output -- You are in no way limited to the type of plain, boring layout we have here (yup, we're running Sonada ourselves). Sonada makes it easy for you to use stylesheets (CSS) and standards compliant HTML and XHTML, although there's nothing stopping you using those <font> element things if you really want to...


News [ What's Up With Sonada? ]

We're currently entering final stages of testing. Interactive front page will be back soon.

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